Silver may be deposited in a range from slightly yellow matte to a lustrous white finish. It provides good corrosion protection and temperature resistance, in a wide variety of applications.

Melting Temperature: 962°C.

Depending on the application, maximum advised using temperature is 430°C and 630°C in non oxidizing environment.

Type 1—99,9% min.

Grade D, semi-bright.

Class N, no supplementary tarnish resistant. (suitable for food applications).

Thickness 10 µ to 250 µ.

Basic Metal Pre-plating preparation.

Parts to be plated are subject to such cleaning , pickling and plating procedures as are necessary to obtain the desired results.

All silver plating is proceeded by a nickel and silver strike.
Post cleaning and removal of salts. All residues shall be removed by soaking in clean, hot water for least 3 minutes. Final rinsing is done in deionised water before drying.


Maximum rectangular size 600 X 800, max width 250.
Maximum diameter 1400 mm.

In order to avoid metal-ion contamination of the plating solutions HTMS can only accept steel, stainless steel and all Ni Alloys.

Plating on Titanium is also a specialism of HTMS.



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Resilient metal seals from High Tech Metal Seals NV are used in the most extreme environmental conditions. Spring Energised Metal C Rings are used under extreme conditions where temperature can range from cryogenic up to extreme high temperatures, such as 800°C.
To serve the harsh conditions in today’s Oil and Gas exploration, High Tech Metal Seals NV designs and manufactures resilient metals seals which comply and exceed the ISO 15848 leakage requirements for valves intended for application with volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids. High Tech Metals Seals are manufactured from high alloy materials so that the finished product complies with NACE MR0175 requirements. Silver plated Metal O rings or Metal C Rings, because of ductile layer are successfully used in high vacuum applications. Silver plated or PTFE coated spring energised C Rings and Metal C Rings comply and exceed the ISO 15848 leakage requirements, from cryogenic temperatures up to extreme high temperatures and pressures. In nuclear applications, particle research, and other radiation application, typically high load resilient metal seals, such as spring energized metal C Rings or Metal O Rings, with a ductile layer of silver are successfully used. High Tech Metal Seals NV, seals for extreme environmental conditions are particularly suited for high pressure. The system pressure assist in maintaining intimate contact with the mating flanges.

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