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HTMS is a private owned company, founded in 1996 by a group of sealing specialist with currently a combined experience of more than 100 years. The plant is located in Mechelen , Belgium.

High Tech Metal Seals, short HTMS designs and manufactures elastic or resilient metal seals, such as Metal O rings, Metal C Rings and other metallic seals.

These metal seals, mostly used under harsh conditions, simultaneously require extreme tightness. To obtain the desired maximum leakage rates, Metal Seals are often plated with soft metals or even coated with PTFE, better known as Teflon®.

Because of the quality requirements for this special electro-plating deposits, HTMS decided to start up its own plating department.

Now after 10 years of experience HTMS offers this quality service also to other metallic products.



In the new building we have invested in a new state of the art plating installation, located in a 150 m² room.

HTMS is dedicated to produce resilient metal seals under the most stringent quality procedures. The company is also ISO9000 certified.



Applications for technical plating are found in a variety of industries and applications.

Petrochemical  -  Electronics  -  Aerospace  -  Nuclear  -  Vacuum  -  Medical



The HTMS offer consists of:



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Resilient metal seals from High Tech Metal Seals NV are used in the most extreme environmental conditions. Spring Energised Metal C Rings are used under extreme conditions where temperature can range from cryogenic up to extreme high temperatures, such as 800°C.
To serve the harsh conditions in today’s Oil and Gas exploration, High Tech Metal Seals NV designs and manufactures resilient metals seals which comply and exceed the ISO 15848 leakage requirements for valves intended for application with volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids. High Tech Metals Seals are manufactured from high alloy materials so that the finished product complies with NACE MR0175 requirements. Silver plated Metal O rings or Metal C Rings, because of ductile layer are successfully used in high vacuum applications. Silver plated or PTFE coated spring energised C Rings and Metal C Rings comply and exceed the ISO 15848 leakage requirements, from cryogenic temperatures up to extreme high temperatures and pressures. In nuclear applications, particle research, and other radiation application, typically high load resilient metal seals, such as spring energized metal C Rings or Metal O Rings, with a ductile layer of silver are successfully used. High Tech Metal Seals NV, seals for extreme environmental conditions are particularly suited for high pressure. The system pressure assist in maintaining intimate contact with the mating flanges.

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